Comic for Friday, August 22, 2014.


Friday, August 22, 2014

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Last Wednesday I posted about the current situation of our company and how things would need to change here in order for us to come out on top of it all.

You guys gave us such incredible support and kind words that I am truly, honestly overwhelmed. I have always considered us to have a real great community, but I don't think I ever imagined just how awesome all of you Abnormals were. I thank you all, from the top of my scalp (that's where a bald man's heart is).

These past couple of days have been very, very weird for me. I've been busy answering email requests for commissions and working on the changes I'll be making to the website - but the sudden change of rhythm in my workflow has been rather disconcerting. I'm pretty sure I'll just get used to whatever comes, but in the meantime... whoa.

In any case, like I said, during the next few days I'll be making some drastic changes to the website, to reflect its new nature and contents. The idea is that I'll be posting images of my artwork as it goes, from sketches to finished images. I might take a swing at writing some articles about art, and perhaps even some Photoshop tutorials.

For these purposes, I'm changing the website back to a blog format. I realize that Wordpress was too heavy for the website before, but I'm willing to bet we're not going to be getting as many daily visitors anymore. It's not a complaint, and I hope many of you will still visit often to check out the art - or at least the comic on Mondays. But it's only natural for the new format to get less visitors. So with the site being a bit "lighter" I'm betting that I can reinstall Wordpress and handle things in a blog format. That way, updating and handling everything will be simpler for me and navigation will be easier for all of you.

At least, that's what I'm hoping for. We'll see.

So last night I was playing around with my latest Nerf acquisition, the HAMMERSHOT, and I was admiring just what an excellent gun it is. Seriously, if you're a Nerf enthusiast, then this is an excellent purchase. And so it was that I sketched out today's image. I was gonna add some text like "real badasses use toy guns", but then decided to just let the image speak for itself.

So in conclusion: changes are coming!

And! And! Email me if you're interested in commissioning artwork! I've still got some slots available.

Good hunting;


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